Our Doctrine

At Victory In Truth Ministries we stand steadfast on equipping families and empowering them to succeed so they can encounter the culture and evangelize the world. Our four pillars are at the core of our vision. We believe family comes first and every time you come through our doors, our mission is to welcome you into our family.

Here at V.I.T.M we stand on our 4 pillars:

  • EQUIP The body of Christ to know how to operate in faith
  • EMPOWER The family to succeed in life through serving, loving, and caring for one another
  • ENCOUNTER The culture to Bring Godly change to the community
  • EVANGELIZE The world with the message of hope, healing, and eternal life in Jesus


We strive to encounter all God has for us and your family. We believe through the power of the Holy Spirit that you can have an experience with God here at Victory In Truth Ministries that will forever shift your life, and your families life at its core.