Jeannitta is a chosen vessel of God whose heart is full of compassion for the people of God. The statement: “You Are Family Here” is evident in her life as she embraces you with a word that makes you feel that you belong.

First Lady Jeannitta Church, as she is affectionately termed, serves and gives oversight to the Victory In Truth Ministries growing Hispanic outreach ministry. She is a trained interpreter for the Hispanic community and also conducts Bible studies and mentors women. She has traveled to Israel, Panama, Mexico, Canada, Guatemala and has appeared monthly on the Trinity Broadcast Network with her husband.

She is truly a virtuous women filled with words of wisdom, kindness and integrity. She has deep love for her children, Jessica, Joanee, Christopher , daughter in law Christina, and son in law Nathan. First Lady is a grandmother to Ezekiel J. and Roman Benjamin Church.

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